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Demetrius Cassidy founded In the Cloud Technologies, LLC in early 2017, as a Cloud Services Provider (CSP), Managed IT Service Provider (MSP), Microsoft Teams Telephony and Telecommunications expert. 

Having used a variety of Boston Marketing and Design external groups, in 2020, Demetrius met and hired Brian Sutherland directly away from his position as a manager for an International Marketing company specializing in High Tech marketing and design services. Since that time, Demetrius and Brian have together expanded In the Cloud Tech across the Boston and New Hampshire areas, as well as remotely. Once Brian began showcasing his skills in Boston Elite Marketing and Design services, Demetrius decided to take it a step further. 

Unified Communications – Managed IT Services – Teams Telephony
Augmented, Tier 3 Staffing and Tech Placement

Technologist, Teams programmer, telecom expert and unified communications hybrid work enthusiast. 

Marketing expert, writer, film maker, artist, VR/AR guru, web developer and amazing SEO talent.

In early 2022, Demetrius was so impressed with the Digital Marketing and Design services he was now getting  for his company, he suggested starting a very selective digital marketing company to provide Boston Marketing and Design services to everyone. He was so impressed with the results he quickly received, especially when compared against an entire agency, he felt that we could potentially help everyone get high-level, effective marketing services. Now Brian and Demetrius run both companies, sending clients back and forth as necessary.

In the Cloud Tech, our parent company, was founded in early 2017 by Demetrius Cassidy, a telecommunications pioneer who saw an opportunity emerge and never looked back. Since then, we have addressed the growing trend of enterprise cloud integration services. Most notably as outlined in our ebook series: unified communications, remote and hybrid workplace changes and digital transformation strategies,   Demetrius has decades of experience leading in the Unified Communications industry. Demetrius also has decades of experience directing and managing large tech teams. These consist of highly-skilled architects, administrators, and engineers. To date, Demetrius has over 20+ years of VoIP, Video conferencing, Microsoft and remote/hybrid experience.

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