Custom web design, small business websites, and large company enterprise storefronts!

Website Construction and Maintenance


Nothing is more important than your web presence, as it says everything about your company.  When you’re not there, your website always is, offering solutions, education, resources, communication and access to documents or information around the clock.  Get some award-winning website construction and maintenance from Boston Elite.


eCommerce sites are very similar to a traditional website, only with the added functionality of full-scale shopping. Typically commerce can be added to any site, or built into any construction strategy, so for Website Construction and Maintenance we have you covered. For or more on eCommerce, visit our storefront page .


Every website needs maintenance. Additions, changes, deletions… these things come up daily. The way we do things, all you need to do is clearly communicate to us what you’d like to see, and we will make it so. No job is too big or too small. We really enjoy staying around after the fact, because we get to see the results!

Boston Marketing and Design Services - Websites, eCommerce, SEO and Digital Content Production

Website Construction and Maintenance

Custom web design, small business websites, and large company enterprise storefronts through Shopify, WordPress, Druple, Joomla, Wix, Google and more!

Our design & web developer teams convert visitors into customers. Elite Marketing is more than just a top web design company, we’re digital experts AND deeply strategic thinkers. Our website design / digital marketing teams are client friendly, amazingly reliable, fiercely creative, and deeply committed to all our clients.

Shopify and WordPress are our preferred specialties, but we’ve done it all at this point.

Your Website Construction and Maintenance – Priority One

A professional website design is your most important business marketing tool. The right URL, theme and content elevates your visibility, credibility, customer confidence and interaction with your company. We often do ongoing maintenance and additions, so we’ll be here well after construction.

Implementing Retail Storefronts

Ecommerce capabilities on your website are the next step in converting a marketing site into a selling location that extends your customer base, brand, and sales far beyond what is currently within your reach.

Our ecommerce website and development services facilitate ease of movement from navigation to product collections to purchasing. Like an upscale retail experience, users want to explore individual products, then ‘add to cart’ and checkout, without having to rummage through a cluttered shop.   For more on eCommerce, visit our  storefront page .

Give the people what they want

Shoppers want options, they love the convenience of online buying, and they want options. The key to your successful ecommerce website is to innovate and differentiate. We will design a custom shopping experience that meets your precise requirements from beautiful store front to back-end systems integration with accounting, shipping and/or inventory software already being used. Alternatively, we will help you choose from one of many existing, open architecture methods that can be customized to your requirements. Some popular off the shelf shopping carts we work with include Shopify, Drupal Commerce, ShopSite, WordPress through WooCommerce, Magento, Wix, and Zen Cart. After website construction and maintenance, you get new clients, customers and a ton of exposure.

Simplifying business processes

Adding a custom database that integrates an inventory control or accounting system reduces time spent on paperwork and enables you to share select portions of your data with coworkers and colleagues. In addition, collecting better information about your customers, and acting on that info, can improve your bottom line.

Integrating a smooth workflow

Systems integration connects your Internet business with other independent systems, automatically exchanging data in both directions. Shipping, accounting, financial systems, ERP, inventory control and fulfillment, to name a few, can be automated. This facilitates operational cost savings, flexibility of business activities, enhanced customer service and customer loyalty.

Boston Marketing and Design Services - Websites, eCommerce, SEO and Digital Content Production

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